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Complete Concrete Services

poured concrete machine base

Poured Concrete Machine Bases

Machine Bases

Concrete with hardener poured and finished for machine base.

Machine Base
Construction formed Concrete slab Cambridge

Concrete Slabs

Whether concrete slabs are for commercial or residential use we have the expertise to ensure the proper base, placement, and correct curing to ensure a high-quality concrete slab.

Concrete Slabs
Foundation poured concrete Cambridge

Concrete Foundations

Poured concrete foundations our highly experienced contractors can produce a quality concrete foundation. Concrete Placement Systems offers excavation through to concrete for new construction and additions

Concrete Custom Pool

Custom Concrete Work

Machine Bases

Trenches, Sloped Floors, Machine Pits, Handicapped Walkways, Raised Pads, Containment Pounds,

Custom Concrete Work
Floor Repair Concrete

Concrete Floor Repairs

We can remove damaged concrete floor areas and replace sections as needed.

Concrete Floor Repair

Exposed Aggregate Driveways

Are you looking for something different then a standard gray driveway then an exposed aggregate driveway may be the right driveway for you. We offer a full range of colors for our exposed aggregate driveways and walkways.


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Commercial Concrete Contractors


Building Rehabilitation

Underpinning, Columns, Infills, Elevator Pits, Stairs, Floors, Trenches Commercial, Retail, Office & Residential Buildings
Complete Concrete Service

Complete Concrete Service

Whether you need a concrete pad, a concrete foundation, concrete floors, concrete walls or custom concrete work we are your one-stop connection for all your concrete projects.

About Us

Concrete Placement Systems is a Cambridge based full-service concrete contractor servicing commercial and residential projects in Cambridge and surrounding communities

Mini Storage Pads Forming

Mini Storage concrete pad

Pumping Concrete For Mini Storage Pads

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We have build a  reputation in Waterloo Region and beyond with our superior Concrete Placement Systems contact us today.